Welcome to our ancestor’s stories:

Von Hofe from Bad Fallingbostel, Hanover, Germany

 Bastian from Eppelsheim, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany.

Held from Germany.

Boyce (and James) from Northamptonshire, England. They emigrated to Newark NJ between 1850-1860.

Levy from  Hamburg (Wandsbek), Germany, Sigismund emigrated to Buffalo NY before moving to NYC.

Haehn and Leveke from Greiffenburg, Angermunde, Brandenburg, Germany, which was Prussia at the time of their emigration to Buffalo NY in the mid-nineteenth century.

Moonflower Fredonia NY(c) 2013 barefoot photos
Fredonia NY
(c) 2013 barefoot photos

We’ve been researching for about 10 years and only recently have decided to begin writing narratives of our ancestor’s lives. Hope you enjoy learning about them as much as we have.We’d love to learn more. If you have photos, comments, stories, or documents that you’re willing to share (digital copies are just fine); we’d be indebted.

Feel free to share the information and picture on the site, but PLEASE give proper credit to the source and to this site. Thank you. And a huge thank you to the cousins we’ve met in person and online who have taken us further than we’d ever have gone on our own. You all make the history not only more enjoyable, but you make it FUN.

Please leave comments on the post or pages if you have corrections or additions.

 About carolyn

I live in a lovely village in Western New York state amidst rolling hills, vineyards, and the magnificent Lake Erie. Practicing genealogy since about 2005, I’ve become an informal family archivist. Offering the fruits of my obsession via a blog/website seemed the logical way to share with other researchers, uncover new family connections, as well organize the documents, photos, and lore that threaten to take over our home office.

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  1. Hi,
    You’ve done wonderful work on the genealogy research and on this website! Thank you for crediting me in the article on Siegmund Levy (“cousin Scott”).
    We may have communicated via email before, but I cannot find your email address – my apologies. I have some additional information and documents that may interest you, including a photograph of Siegmund’s gravestone that my brother’s wife took when they searched for and found his grave in Brooklyn in 2011. I also found a death notice for Marie Heahn Levy, and a newspaper article about Otto and Amelia Haehn’s home burning down in 1879.
    If you would like me to send you anything, please contact me at the email address that I provided in the posting authorization section.
    Scott Hicks

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