Hähn (Haehn)

Hahn family crest Wikipedia license
Hahn family crest
Wikipedia license

The Hähn name itself originates in old German from “han” meaning cock or rooster. At one time, Hahn was a pejorative term for an arrogant, cocky person.

Our Haehns came from the Brandenberg area of Prussia. This was the birthplace of modern Germany. According to House of Names.com, The original Haehns were from Mecklenberg and identified with the feudal society, later emerging as a “noble family of great influence.” House of Names says that the name traces to the founder of Mecklenberg, Eckard Hahn as early as 1230. They possessed the estate of Basedow, which has been the seat of the main branch of the family since 1337.

If you would like to read about our immigrant ancestor, Otto Ferdinand Haehn, please click on his name.

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