Von Hofe

Watercolor Rose by Fred Von Hofe
Watercolor Rose by Fred Von Hofe (aka Boppa)

Friedrich and Heinrich Thomas Von Hofe were born in Fallingbostel, Heidekries, Niedersachsen, Hanover, Germany. Fallingbostel is the capitol of the “District of Heath” in Lower Saxony. It’s very close to the town of Walsrode, and about 60 km north of the city of Hanover. According to Wikipedia, this area historically, belonged to the Duchy of Brunswick-Lueneberger (and its successor states). Since 2002, it has been known as Bad Fallingbostel, since it has a Kneipp spa. Dr. Sebastien Kneipp, a naturapath physician developed hydrotherapy healing during the latter-half of the nineteenth century.

We believe the church to be the Evangelical Lutheran St. Dionysius in Fallingbostel.

Thanks to Peter Wolf in the Black Forest for helping us determine the birth place for our 2nd great-grandfather! His 4X great aunt, Wilhemina Bertha Wolf, married Heinrich Thomas Von Hofe in Leipzig.

Our Freidrich emigrated to NYC in the 1850s.

We are not aware of any more siblings, nor do we know the parents’ names.

To read about George Dietrich Von Hofe, the Yorkville carpenter, turned Vice President, please mosey on over to his page.

For the life of Frederick Von Hofe, MD, the pediatrician/artist, please click on his name.

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